Listening to a SPOT ON speaker and author on TED Talk, Simon Sinek, talk about WHY businesses succeed and fail.

He drew three circles with the outer one being the WHAT. Next came the HOW. And finally the WHY. 

He said that SUCCESSFUL companies like APPLE started with the late Steve Job’s WHY! Then they worked on the HOW to do their WHY. Finally they looked at the WHAT they did. MICROSOFT started off with the WHAT with Bill Gates. Yes they have been successful but until recently they have been always looking at WHY APPLE was just ahead of them. 


It is because I as the original founder have ALWAYS liked ADVENTURE! I watched the Lone Ranger, Davy Crockett, Batman, Man from U.N.C.L.E., and of course later 007 because for me they represented ADVENTURE! 

When I was a kid play acting my favorite ADVENTURE characters of TV I played FULL-OUT! NO holds barred! 

Now at 71 years young I am looking at participating in FULL-OUT ADVENTURE fitness and building this body of mine into what I have dreamed of for years- wide shoulders and 6 pack abs! Most of my friends are hoping they can get out of their rocking chair! 

So i want to build this company for those who regardless of age are looking still for FULL-OUT ADVENTURE! 

Hugh Simpson 


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