Robbinsville, NC


Today my business partner Ron and I visited with Scott and Brian on their 50 acre property outside of Robbinsville.

They have a master plan for this incredibly beautiful idyllic property that fits right in with FULLOUTADVENTURE!

Scott’s wife is an equestrian trail rider and they will be bringing their Maine based business to this property where the pasture land is nestled in rising mountain ranges!

Scott, who studied Forestry in college and is a renovator of old Maine barns and homes, is planning along with Brian, who is also in the construction industry to build high end tree houses scattered through our the 50 acres!

They are both very open to a 5k Paul Mitchell Xterra Trail Run which would fit nicely in their plans for over 3 miles of equestrian trails!

Finally they are excited about the BearClaw Outdoor Fitness, Preparedness & Survival workshops.

Stay tuned as this project develops over the next 12-16 months!

Hugh Simpson


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