Our Logo


People have thought our LOGO was funny, different, cute, etc.

However they’re curious why we chose a running tree.

Good question!

I wanted something to STAND OUT! 

I also wanted our logo to be an example of FULL-OUT! As you can see the tree is running FULL-OUT!

Now you might wonder why a TREE.

To me a tree signifies the OUTDOORS and all of our FULLOUTADVENTURE Productions are OUTDOORS. 

Also today our target market is looking for ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ADVENTURE. We make sure that with all our productions we remain as ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY as possible. Even when we are instructing our Templar Commando trainees we stress the importance of leaving the environment as close to the way you found it! Ditto for XtremePreparedness

So now you know why AND it’s signifies FUN!

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