Research shows that MILLENNIALS are not like their parents who collected STUFF!

They want to collect EXPERIENCES!


They last longer in their memories than a new car, HDTV, latest smartphone, etc.

They want to experience things around what they are PASSIONATE about! If it is NASCAR they don’t just want to sit and watch the cars go round and round on TV. They want to be THERE IN PERSON! Even virtual reality is not as good as BEING THERE!

They like to SOCIALIZE with others that share their passion. I am the Xterra Race Director for the Trail Run Series here in western North Carolina. Other trail runners want to travel to our venue to EXPERIENCE a run with other trial runners they may have met on social media. All these FULL OUT ADVENTURE programs have a place on their sites for them to SOCIALIZE!

They are NOT into collecting ANY stuff like these old farts around Franklin that visit the over 40 consignment stores and flea markets in Macon County NC! There other favorite past time is bringing home more STUFF from garage sales! MILLENNIALS don’t do this BS!

So stores and Amazon the future of BUYING for the MILLENNIALS and their kids is going to be around what their PASSION about and EXPERIENCES are like we do here!

MR Valentine

Chief Evangelist

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