MR Valentine
Founder & Chief Evangelist

MR Valentine has spent the past 17 years teaching clients worldwide Preparedness and Survival publishing his first book in 1999 entitled A Family Survival Manual for Y2K & Beyond featured on FOX News, CNN and Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. He became the Y2K consultant for Atlanta WGST radio and preparedness and survival company Brigade Quartermaster. He has also beta tested products for Lodge, Brenton Solar, Wenzel, CleanWaste, Crank-A-Watt, Machete Store, Zaps Gear, Smith Products, Sawyer, etc.

Before this career MR Valentine was a CBS News investigative reporter and then spent 40 plus years as a public relations consultant after getting his MS in Advertising & Public Relations in 1973. His clients have included the Original Marlboro Man, DragonCon, Spyfest 2003 which he co-created, a Nobel nominated novelist, several Guinness World Record holders, etc. He also became a ISSA certified personal fitness trainer at 50 years young – over 20 years ago!

He wrote his first book mentioned above, 2012 & Beyond and Grid Going Down! under his legal name of Hugh Simpson. His newest FREE ebooklet Disappear & Re-Appear! is available HERE.

20150829-191538.jpgRon Rich

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Ron was raised in Missouri, Kentucky and Virginia before enrolling in Georgia Tech in 1953 where he received a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering in 1958. He was hired by Kellog Switchboard and Supply later renamed IT&T Switchboard in Chicago.

Ron’s father asked if he would come back to Atlanta and take over his building supply company. He resigned from IT&T and took over DeJarnette Supply Company. For the next three years he added new types of materials keeping up with the construction business changes. Ron increased the annual sales and profits for the next five years and in 1968 he co-founded a companion company dealing with drywall materials only.

From 1972 through 1977 Ron started and or managed three construction companies, seven coal mining or processing companies, a company recycling plastic carpet fibers into pellets, one full service lake marina, a dog racing handicapping school, a consulting company teaching minority contractors the proper way to set up a construction company and several other consulting endeavors. Ron also was a developer of the high end Durwoody, an Atlanta subdivision that has now become its own city.

In 1978 Ron bought a furniture manufacturing company in Rabun County Georgia. He also purchased a retail lighting company and by 1996 he had become the largest Juno track and recessed lighting dealer in NE Georgia and Western NC.

In 1990 Ron purchased the Lake Lanier Mobile Home Park and operated it until 2001 when he sold it and bought seven rental units in Alto, Georgia. In 1996 Ron co-founded AGM Enterprises to publish a book titled This Magic Moment written by disc-jockey Harry Turner who grew up with and knew personally performers like Ruth Brown, Chairman of the Board, Smoky Robinson, Bill Pickney and the Drifters, Fats Domino, Billy Scott, the Coasters, Freddy Cannon, Sonny Turner, etc.