Meet Andre & Lina!

These are my two new partners that are going to make this site and business ROCK! They both EPITOMIZE what FULL-OUT ADVENTURE Productions LLP is about! They will run our NEW ZEALAND operation and boot camps!

Read about them under Andre & Lina!

MR Valentine


Our Logo


People have thought our LOGO was funny, different, cute, etc.

However they’re curious why we chose a running tree.

Good question!

I wanted something to STAND OUT! 

I also wanted our logo to be an example of FULL-OUT! As you can see the tree is running FULL-OUT!

Now you might wonder why a TREE.

To me a tree signifies the OUTDOORS and all of our FULLOUTADVENTURE Productions are OUTDOORS. 

Also today our target market is looking for ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ADVENTURE. We make sure that with all our productions we remain as ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY as possible. Even when we are instructing our Templar Commando trainees we stress the importance of leaving the environment as close to the way you found it! Ditto for XtremePreparedness

So now you know why AND it’s signifies FUN!


Research shows that MILLENNIALS are not like their parents who collected STUFF!

They want to collect EXPERIENCES!


They last longer in their memories than a new car, HDTV, latest smartphone, etc.

They want to experience things around what they are PASSIONATE about! If it is NASCAR they don’t just want to sit and watch the cars go round and round on TV. They want to be THERE IN PERSON! Even virtual reality is not as good as BEING THERE! 

They like to SOCIALIZE with others that share their passion. I am the Xterra Race Director for the Trail Run Series here in western North Carolina. Other trail runners want to travel to our venue to EXPERIENCE a run with other trial runners they may have met on social media. All these FULL OUT ADVENTURE programs have a place on their sites for them to SOCIALIZE!

They are NOT into collecting ANY stuff like these old farts around Franklin that visit the over 40 consignment stores and flea markets in Macon County NC! There other favorite past time is bringing home more STUFF from garage sales! MILLENNIALS don’t do this BS! 

So stores and Amazon the future of BUYING for the MILLENNIALS and their kids is going to be around what their PASSION about and EXPERIENCES are like we do here!

Hugh Simpson


Due Diligence

Many of you know I am also a former CONSUMER reporter with CBS News. I always told my audience to do their DUE DILIGENCE!

So starting now I am going to do ours for the products we have here at the site. Don Sherrill, who markets the Amazing Health Wearable, will be reporting on it. Don has been keeping extensive records on his experience.

I will be reviewing what others across the Net are saying about the other products we have here. I will also be purchasing ones that have gotten good reviews to see from my OWN point of view they deserve these good reviews. Remember reviews are BOUGHT all the time on the Net!

I promise we will REMOVE those we feel are SCAMS or BS!

Hugh Simpson


Listening to a SPOT ON speaker and author on TED Talk, Simon Sinek, talk about WHY businesses succeed and fail.

He drew three circles with the outer one being the WHAT. Next came the HOW. And finally the WHY. 

He said that SUCCESSFUL companies like APPLE started with the late Steve Job’s WHY! Then they worked on the HOW to do their WHY. Finally they looked at the WHAT they did. MICROSOFT started off with the WHAT with Bill Gates. Yes they have been successful but until recently they have been always looking at WHY APPLE was just ahead of them. 


It is because I as the original founder have ALWAYS liked ADVENTURE! I watched the Lone Ranger, Davy Crockett, Batman, Man from U.N.C.L.E., and of course later 007 because for me they represented ADVENTURE! 

When I was a kid play acting my favorite ADVENTURE characters of TV I played FULL-OUT! NO holds barred! 

Now at 71 years young I am looking at participating in FULL-OUT ADVENTURE fitness and building this body of mine into what I have dreamed of for years- wide shoulders and 6 pack abs! Most of my friends are hoping they can get out of their rocking chair! 

So i want to build this company for those who regardless of age are looking still for FULL-OUT ADVENTURE! 

Hugh Simpson 


Tom Brown Part 20

Back to our expert on nature identifying and tracking using SMELL.

Tom suggest taking a group of items and determining how they smell compared to each other. Examples would be a lemon, orange, banana, peanut butter, bark, grass, clothing, perfume, deodorant, dirt, etc. 

Now close your eyes and begin to SMELL starting with the strongest one i.e. perfume or the lemon and working your way to the weakest smelling one which might be clothing.

Another exercise he suggest when you are out in nature is to gather up wild growing items like the leaf of a plant or a strip of bark of a tree, a flower, etc. Collect as many as you can. Again close your eyes and SMELL. Then after each item open your eyes and see which one it was. The more often you do this, the more likely you will be like your pooch that goes wild when you roll down the window to allow the odors to permeate the atmosphere around the dog! 

Finally start doing this as Tom suggest: “Each time you find a den, burrow, or other animal indicator, get down and smell it. How would you characterize the odor? Is it musty, pungent, weak, sharp, or noxious? Is it strange or familiar? Can you identify the animal that left the smell?”…Make this exercise a long term habit. As you progress, you will begin to understand just how critical a nature observation and tracking device the nose really is.”

Next we look at TOUCHING THE EARTH!

Hugh Simpson 


Full-Out Adventure! Productions LLP Brand

Reading Sir Richard Branson’s book Business Stripped Bare and learned that he has 300 businesses under the Virgin umbrella and BRAND! 

I got an AHA! from that! 

Take my numerous businesses and put them under the FULL-OUT ADVENTURE! PRODUCTIONS LLP brand!

All the businesses here offer FULL-OUT ADVENTURE! in the areas of preparedness & survival, America’s music, Xterra trail running, and travel like our exclusive 007 private jet trip we are planning for seven lucky couples featuring the locations of the first eight 007 films.

The first order of business will be to develop a comprehensive business plan around what we can offer under this umbrella. 

Stay tuned! 

Hugh Simpson


Tom Brown Part 19

Today on this first day of spring 2017 we move into SMELL as we renew our senses in nature.

Tom says and he is right that we have desensitized our sense of SMELL especially as we enter nature. 

Tom says: “…the wilderness is a veritable treasure chest of aromas. The perfumes of wild flowers, the dank, musty scent of earth, the sweet smell of evergreen needles, the cool freshness of water – there are endless combinations of molecules dancing in the air, each with the signatures of animals, plants, and minerals that produced them.” 

So here is an exercise to get you back to using your sense of SMELL.

Breathe through your nose and at the same tim FEEL the air moving through your nostrils. In addition to the smells around you, Tom says to sense the temperature and humidity in the air. 

Go SMELL nature this first day of spring 2017!

Hugh Simpson